Forget the 12 days of Christmas, what do we do in the 2 weeks Before... Look your Holiday Best: Part 2 of Our Holiday Hottie Countdown...

Tammy Truong
Written by Élan Beauty Team.
Posted in Blog on 10 December 2014.

Forget the 12 days of Christmas, what do we do in the 2 weeks Before... Look your Holiday Best: Part 2 of Our Holiday Hottie Countdown... 11684861043 d8570a94c0 z


You’ve got a million invitations to Holiday parties, plus family get-togethers, but you still have to work and shop and cook...What if you haven’t had time to kick-start your Holiday Hottie Countdown? Maybe you want beautiful, glowing skin or to show off a trim silhouette? With only 2 weeks to Christmas, how can you possibly improve your SKIN and your FIGURE with so little time? Don’t worry, my last-minute panickers, there’s still PLENTY you can do! Stun everyone with how good you look with a few simple steps. These can either build off of what we’ve already learned in Part 1 of our Holiday Hottie Countdown, or they can get you started on the road to hotness...


What to Do 2 Weeks before Christmas

Improve your SKIN with only 2 weeks to go:


A Humidifier can Help

Thanks to the cold winter weather, central heating systems and space heaters are on full time, blasting hot dry air throughout our homes and offices. This can lead to dry, flaky skin. Combat this by placing several small humidifiers throughout your home. Humidifiers get more moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out.


Cleanse Skin the Right Way

If your skin isn’t getting any better or you are still seeing massive breakouts, your skin care routine could be at fault.  In order to properly cleanse your skin, you must first completely remove all traces of makeup. Cleansing facial wipes are the most convenient method. They’re easy to carry, easy to use and because they often contain a mild facial cleanser, they won’t dry out your skin. If you’re not digging the wipes, you can use a regular cleansing lotion or cream, but stay away from gels in winter! Because skin is more sensitive in cold weather, gel cleansers, which are often astringent, can further dry out and irritate winter skin. Dermatologists recommend switching from a gel to a cream cleanser for the winter season. A quality cream cleanser will remove makeup and debris without depleting the skin's natural moisture.


Scrub Off Dullness!

Dull skin is an unfortunate trademark of winter. This is caused by a buildup of dead skin, dermatologists explain. Dead skin cells then cause oil and bacteria to get trapped in the pores and can lead to unsightly pimples. By gently scrubbing away dead skin cells, you are able to cleanse your skin more thoroughly and that should reduce the frequency and duration of winter breakouts. "It will also brighten the skin,” explains dermatologist Dr. Rodan, “and your moisturizer can penetrate better if you don't have a 50-car pileup of dead skin cells.” But, don’t over-do it! Three times a week should suffice. After cleansing your skin thoroughly, buff the scrub into the skin for at least a minute using circular motions. Then, rinse away all the scrub and finish with moisturizer and spot treatments if needed. Want to exfoliate your body as well? Pick super-gentle exfoliators when using it for chest and back, like those with tiny, rounded polyethylene micro beads that won’t damage the skin.


Our Tip? Why not try a deeper exfoliation with a Facial Peel! Élan’s PCA peels rejuvenate the skin by breaking bonds that hold dead skin cells together. By speeding up the natural exfoliation process, peels significantly improve both the texture and look of your skin. It can also reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth out rough skin patches, help fade brown spots and can assist in clearing acne prone or blemished skin. Our certified technicians recommend a chemical peel once a month for best results.


6831075657 795140969f zGet a Handle on Parched Hands

Nothing’s more embarrassing than extending a handshake with chapped, parched hands. But, the reason they dry out so fast? The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. That means it's harder to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather. Make sure to wear gloves when you go outside. "Even wearing them for an hour can really soften up your skin," says Miami dermatologist Alicia Barba, MD. Also, when you want to clean your hands, choose a wipe-off, soap-free cleanser or alcohol-free hand sanitizer instead of traditional soaps. "They're less drying than washing repeatedly with soap and water [and] it's the wet-dry, wet-dry that really sucks the moisture out of your skin."


Our Tip? Don’t leave wet gloves on your hands. Wet gloves can irritate your skin and cause itching, cracking, sores, or even flare-ups of eczema!


Treat Your Feet while You Sleep

Don’t neglect those little piggies just because it’s boot season instead of sandal weather. Besides, you don’t want to scare off your guy by scratching him at night with rough, calloused feet! Your regular foot cream not doing the trick? In winter, your feet need stronger stuff. Try lotions that contain petroleum jelly or glycerine. Also, periodically use a foot scrub or exfoliator to get the dead skin off your heels. For really roughed-up feet, do this before bed: "Gently buff away calluses with a hydrating scrub or pumice stone, and apply a thick, buttery moisturizer while feet are still damp. Then, wear socks overnight," Dermatologists advise. If this doesn’t help, you may need an OTC or prescription cream containing glycolic acid or urea that exfoliates while it moisturizes.


 Switch Out your Diet

If breakouts and flare-ups are still plaguing your skin, it might not be what you put ON your face, but what you put in your mouth, that makes the difference. Many people are sensitive to certain foods and eating them can cause everything from digestive upset to bouts of acne. Try removing some well-known trigger foods such as sugar and dairy from your diet. See if eliminating them makes a difference to your skin. The good news? For many people, once they eliminate or reduce their trigger foods, their faces clear up almost immediately. Also, try these skin-clearing foods, suggested by  


Don’t Forget the Body!

Improve your FIGURE with only 2 weeks to go: 12347153864 3b6d929a25 o

Change Up your Workout

You’ve been busting your butt for weeks, religiously keeping to your gym routine. Then you hit that first plateau and your weight loss slows or even creeps to a halt. When you stop seeing results, your first instinct may be to stay on that treadmill or elliptical longer. Tacking on those extra minutes, however, isn’t necessarily going to help. What will: Change up your fitness routine every 28 days! "It takes four to six weeks for your body to adapt to a workout," says trainer Rachel Cosgrove, WH fitness contributor and author of The Female Body Breakthrough. "Once it becomes efficient at it, you use less energy and burn fewer calories and fat." The up side? You don’t have to completely overhaul your fitness routine to avoid the dreaded plateau. Even a few simple tweaks can help. Add a few hills to your daily run, suggests Cosgrove. Or choose to run outside, in the colder weather, which burns more calories than running indoors.


Hit the Snooze Button for an extra 30 Minutes

Whether you sleep 5 hours or 8, studies show that adding an extra half an hour of sleep can refresh you enough that you will make better food choices. Instead of reaching for that quick sugar fix in the morning, such as that powdered, sugary doughnut, you’ll be rested enough to make wiser food decisions. You’ll also keep that sugar crash at bay and won't feel so lethargic, which means you will be less likely to skip the gym, says registered dietician Esther Blum, author of Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous. More restful sleep also boosts your metabolism and since your body builds muscle while you snooze, getting quality zzz's equals better muscle tone.


Try a hit of HIIT

Slow and steady doesn't always win the race to Holiday hotness. According to research from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, women who did 20 minutes of cycling sprint intervals lost three times as much fat in 15 weeks as those who cycled for twice as long at an even pace. High-intensity interval training (HIIT), in which you alternate between short bursts of intense exercise and recovery breaks, is one of the best, and most time-saving, ways to turn into a fat-burning machine, says Cosgrove. Try this HIIT treadmill workout: After you warm up, do a 30-second sprint at the fastest pace you can handle, followed by 90 seconds of easy, comfortable jogging. Repeat six times, then cool down for five minutes. Do this regularly and watch the pounds melt away...


 Make a Small Sacrifice 4454701044 eed1cd512c z

No, we’re not talking about sacrificing poultry in hopes of achieving a better body by Christmas. What we do recommend is to cut out one indulgence this season, one ‘cheat food’, such as the chips you have with lunch or the chocolate dessert you adore eating every Wednesday. By removing just one of your edible vices you can subtract a few hundred calories from your diet! “Which translates into less flab,” says Blum, “[and] your body won't even notice their absence." Need a little more help whittling that waist? Adopt a plant-based diet and it could tip the scales in your favor. A five-year study of 71,751 adults published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that vegetarians tend to be slimmer than meat-eaters even though both groups eat about the same number of daily calories. Researchers say it may be because carnivores consume more fatty acids and fewer weight-loss promoting nutrients, like fiber. Herbivores don’t seem to have that problem, so why not go green, and find out if it works for you?


Our Tip? It might be hard to get those last few inches off your middle or your thighs, especially with only 2 weeks to go. If you’ve started your healthy lifestyle a little late this season or you just can’t budge those stubborn love handles, give your body and your spirits a boost with a slimming Body Wrap or Body Shaping. Lose up to 6 inches from your waist and all you have to do is lie down and relax!


Enlist a Friend

Want to boost your motivation to exercise? Or keep on track when that tempting piece of cake is calling your name? Enlist the help of a friend and make them your Holiday Hottie buddy! Hitting the treadmill with a friend is a great way to keep you accountable. And a workout partner can help you clock in more time at the gym. A British survey of 1,000 women found that those who exercise with others tend to train six minutes longer and burn an extra 41 calories per session compared to solo fitness fanatics. Friends can also keep you from blowing your diet. Studies show that when people eat together they tend to make similar dining choices as their companions, possibly because of the deep-seated desire to fit in with the crowd. In fact, the same study speculates that if you're eating with a health-conscious person, you may be more likely to order something more nutritious as well!


Have Nightly You-on-Top Sex 

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We thought we’d throw this one in because- hey- any way to trim the fat is alright with us! Especially if it’s also a lot of fun! Now, we’ve all heard that having sex is a great way to burn calories, but did you know that certain positions can supercharge your calorie burning potential? Not that you need an excuse to hook up with your guy every night, but the fact is, the ‘girl on top’ position is a fat blaster! Being on top means you do most of the work and the more active you are, especially with the rocking, the more calories you use — up to 144 for 30 minutes! Sex also pumps us up with feel-good endorphins and neurotransmitters that can help you ride out food cravings. Get on top in reverse-cowgirl (i.e., facing away from your guy) to give your thigh and butt muscles an added workout!


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Just wait ladies....There’s STILL more to come in our Holiday Hottie Countdown... NEXT WEEK: What you can do with only 1 week till Christmas!

MORE tips and advice on looking your Holiday Best...



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