Your Beauty Horoscopes for 2015! Find out what the New Year has in store...

Tammy Truong
Written by Élan Beauty Team.
Posted in Blog on 31 December 2014.

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Want to know what the stars have planned for you? Will you find love this year, or start a new job? Will you need to face some hard truths? Or maybe this will be your ‘party year’? Learn all about life, love, your career and relationships for the upcoming year. Also learn what styles and colours flatter an Aries or the ideal makeup look for a Gemini. Read our Beauty Horoscopes and learn what fate and fashion has in store!


12317989894 0a1221f8de zAquarius 2015 Horoscope:

 Last year, many astrologers were predicting marriage for Aquarius. The problem has been that you have been too darn busy to take up any offers to go on dates! This is because industrious Saturn has been lingering in your career sector. You’ve been working hard but with deferred gratification, because the seeds have not bloomed and there is no prize to be had…yet. This is all set to change this year. Get fit, get pretty and get dating if you are single! You might just meet your soulmate this year. Or, if you’re trying rekindle things with an old flame, the end of 2015 could be the right time to make your move! If you are not in the least bit interested in finding a mate, then the alignment of the stars can still be useful in forging partnerships of all kinds. You can make long lasting friendships this year and great business alliances too! So, get to it! This kind of golden opportunity won’t come again for another 12 years! Reinvent yourself for the New Year. Buy new clothes or have your hair re-styled. Do the same, even if you are coupled up, and spruce yourself up for a second honeymoon.


 Beauty Horoscope:

Ah, Aquarius, you never conform to any trend. Often viewed as a "whimsical" sign, you just see the world differently and you have no problem marching to the beat of your own drum. Don’t expect an Aquarius to do anything the way everyone else does. If everyone else was jumping off of a bridge, you would be the first to go and find a cliff.

When it comes to style, you will not dress in the latest or hottest fashions. You might not even be aware of the titles of the magazines that give fashion advice. Rather, you dress in whatever you like best and though you never seek outside approval, your "bohemian" style may attract its own set of followers. Comfort is also an important factor. You dislike being constrained by anything, so your clothes will never be too tight or your heels too high. Aquarius also loves to converse. You are centered on communication and you’re a natural people-person, and even when you retreat from the world, you’re not gone for long.


 Beauty advice? Since you’re such a naturally talkative person, we suggest a nice teeth whitening, so you can dazzle any prospective partners with your brilliant Uranian smile!




12317708534 4b4ae9e8af zPisces 2015 Horoscope:

 Pisces, it’s going to be romantic in 2015! Jupiter is set to enter your 7th house of marriage in the second half of 2015. This could bring with it some spicy flirtations, maybe even an important relationship. So keep your eyes open, love could be anywhere! Mars in your house of locals could see you bumping into someone at a coffee shop and you could remain firm friends thereafter or you could even spark a long-term flame! This doesn’t mean that a marriage is necessarily in store for you. In fact, sometimes, Jupiter can bring liberation from a relationship that was harmful in some way. Jupiter will exaggerate all the qualities of the relationship, good or bad. If you’re in an unhealthy one, Jupiter will only serve to inflate that negative side. Also, be careful with your money this year Pisces! Uranus in your money house will make cash flow quite volatile. You might find a surplus one month and then some unexpected expenses the next. And the love bonanza from Oct 29 – Nov 1 might cause you to get carried away with your new soulmate or business-partner and you could very well blow through all your money trying to win them over. Be cautious, Pisces, and proceed with care.


Beauty Horoscope:

As a Pisces woman, your two most alluring traits are your sensuality and your dreamy nature. All a man has to do is look into your eyes and he's instantly lost in a sea of mystery and enchantment! Your physical movements imbue feminine grace and your every gesture is fluid, as though you’re moving through water. Your romantic soul will seduce almost any man. The one lucky enough to win your heart will be greatly rewarded with deep love and undying devotion. You only want what is best for your lover, even if it means self-sacrifice to ensure he has it.

Pisces are lucky. They can feel things other people never can because of the depth of their emotional nature. That also means that you have to shield yourself from empathic overload. Pisces can contain only so much before everything overwhelms you.


Beauty advice? Because you receive so much emotional information from others, it’s important to learn how to cope with the load. Meditation, or any spiritually mindful practices, will help strengthen you against the flood of feelings you must weather throughout life. We also recommend recharging your emotional batteries with a well-deserved ‘time-out’ from the hectic pace of life. Book a relaxing facial or body wrap to detoxify both the body and the mind.



12317553825 48b3746a84 zCapricorn 2015 Horoscope:

 Capricorn, it’s been a long haul, but you’re finally working your way out of the underworld in 2015! There is light at the end of the tunnel, finally! Yes, your domestic situation from Jan 3 – Feb 15 will be a little unpleasant. It could mean older relatives stopping by and possibly a frightening mother-in-law. But, you will get through it Capricorn- you always do. The North Node is in your career zone anyway and will be there all year. This is a good opportunity to get out into the big wide world and cut the umbilical cord from any annoying relatives we mentioned earlier. You might even find yourself taking a few risks. Start to trust your intuition.  Listen to your dreams and take this time to see what ideas come to you. You may just reinvent yourself or your business. However, in terms of your love life, the situation is more than a little tricky. I would concentrate on work and be very wary of any new romantic propositions at this time. This is because Venus retrograde will take place in your dangerous and dark 8th house. You might have a taste for bad boys and villains. If you’re just bored and want a bit of relationship drama then go right ahead. But, whatever you do, don’t mix business with pleasure! People will be poised to take your money, and will take advantage, if you do.


 Beauty Horoscope:

 This sign is one of the most stable of the entire zodiac. Capricorns are grounded in reality and so you often play the role of the rock that everyone else depends on. Caps sometimes have a reputation as being a bit stodgy and sometimes it takes a little effort to get to know you. But anyone who is fortunate enough to be invited into your inner sanctum, will find a person who is truly worth knowing.

 One thing you won't disguise is your love of hearth and home! It may seem cliché, but you’re actually into the white picket fence and a houseful of children. You respect your home and take great pride in making it beautiful. You also take pride in your manners. Social graces and mores are just part of your makeup and everyone in your family unit knows how to behave. You take equal pleasure in presenting a confident, dependable outward appearance and if you can dress for a bargain, then so much the better!


Beauty advice? You have Pluto simmering in the background of your 1st house, so it’s really important to take this time to detoxify and do a clear-out. Take a holiday and avoid those pesky in-laws. If you do, you could meet someone on your travels who becomes a kind of business guru for you. If you can’t get away from your relatives, charm that surly mother in-law with our ‘Impress the In-laws Packages’ and face your family with a bright smile and beautiful, glowing skin!



12317709153 30f6b5d013 zSagittarius 2015 Horoscope:

 Well, Sagittarius, in 2015 it’s time to get serious! Saturn, the great taskmaster, strides into your sign right at the beginning of the year, and briskly sets to work, organising your entire life. Good thing you Sagittarians are generally optimistic. You should actually embrace the challenge! Say goodbye to flaky relationships, get your house in order and watch your biggest dreams come true! Hopefully, if all goes well, you will achieve the right balance between how much time you devote to your day job with how much you pursue what you really want to do in life. And if you’re already in your dream job, then all areas should be generating income, like a well-oiled machine. Watch out around May 19 – Jun 11. This might be a time where there is some rivalry between you and your partner. An enemy could demonise you and paint you as the bad guy, since they are so good at turning on the charm. But, try not to rise to the bait. Just get to Jul 1, when your house of travel and higher learning is fully ignited! Take a holiday! It’s the perfect time to make some wonderful connections, either on a beach or in a classroom setting, and maybe a romantic interlude could be in store! Watch out around Sept 28, though. This could be a tricky time in your love life, as the eclipse falls in your house of recreational sex and children. You could well fall for a handsome charlatan, so be careful. This lover could promise more than they can deliver. Take it as a fling and nothing more.


 Beauty Horoscope:

You Sagittarians can be a little Dora the Explorer when it comes to fashion. You don’t care about fashion trends or making a statement, as long as you’re comfortable in your surroundings. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen suit you best and you love colorful maxi skirts, loose jeans, and sportswear. You tend to go for minimal makeup and seldom wear any jewellery, as adornment merely gets in the way of letting others discover your true nature. You do like bags - big ones you can hump over your shoulders and pack all your belongings in as you roam the world. Little clutch purses offered to you as a gift will just get a bewildered look in return as they just don’t seem practical enough for a Sagittarian on the move! Most of the time you wear clothes that can go anywhere, at a moment's notice, and that usually means jeans and a t shirt. Simple, bohemian and unassuming, Sagittarian fashion is a breath of fresh air!


 Beauty advice? Sags are hung up on two things – freedom and ease. Your attitude to beauty is "if it's all natural, it's all good". Since you are often a world traveller and have many fabulous adventures, you may not have time to waste on primping and prepping. Yet, fiery and passionate as you are, you still want to look good for that potential mate. Permanent makeup could be your answer, since it looks so natural and you don’t have to worry about re-applying every single day. Which means less time spent in front of the mirror and more time for play!



12317709314 41b8cac420 zScorpio 2015 Horoscope:

 Scorpio, you have something to celebrate in 2015 as headmaster Saturn is out of the building! That means, party time!!  The hardworking planets have built you a solid foundation from which now you can expand. Your 10th house of career gets all the juicy aspects this year. This means your reputation grows and business should really flourish now under Jupiter’s expansive and fortunate influence. In fact, Jupiter starts the year in your career zone, which could land you a promotion! Your status in the world acquires a stately glow, boosted further by the fortunate and visionary Jupiter trine Uranus. This wonderful aspect activates both your daily work and your business reputation on Mar 3, so this is a fabulous day for self-promotion. Talking about messages, from May 19 – Jun 11, you get the Gemini Mercury Retrograde in your taboo house of sex and shadow, adding yet more opportunities for seductive intrigue. However, you may be forced to confront cheesy types that annoy you with their profuse flattery and gushing smiles. Scorpios can’t abide sycophants, so you might lose your cool. On Jul 1, your career falls under the glowing spotlight of lucky Venus. This time is especially good for wheeling and dealing, so take the opportunity to market yourself and network as much as you can before Venus goes retrograde. You should be able to gain some important contracts and attract new clients. On Oct 16, there will be a golden opportunity to do something courageous and get yourself noticed. If you are one of those extra-shy, undercover Scorpios, this may be the day your throw off the black velvet cloak and dance about outrageously! Maybe you get noticed romantically too, because this year so far has been mainly focused on your work. If you do want to make a move on someone you fancy, then a great day to do this would actually be on Oct 31. Yes, its Halloween, a day that suits you down to the ground. You can ramp up your Scorpioness for all its worth! Work some magic then in your best seductive outfit. You can do some fancy manipulation so that the object of your desire thinks they are doing all the running.


Beauty Horoscope:

It's hard to pin the Scorpio down when it comes to fashion. You can do sleek and sexy boardroom one minute, then romantic and flowing the next. You’re the mistress of disguise, and your hidden nature translates into a love of silky, sensual lingerie in bold blacks and radiant reds. But, what Scorpios really like is secrets - fashions that look expensive but hide a cheap label, bags with hidden pockets, lockets with concealed and never revealed photos, a 'do that looks like it cost a fortune but was actually expertly cut by a little hairdresser in an apartment studio. The Scorpio woman will reveal little, and this is what makes her so fascinating.

You Scorpios love trends, as long as they suit you. But you’re no slave to fashion. Classy and seductive, you know what's best for you and you aren’t afraid to flaunt what you’ve got. You know you’re extremely attractive, and you shop with deadly intent, finding just the right clothes to make just the right impression. From jeans to evening wear, you Scorpios just intuitively know how to dress!


 Beauty advice? Since Halloween is such a hot time for you in 2015, start looking for the perfect costume right away! Don a sexy outfit, something that will show off your assets. Highlight those beautiful, captivating eyes, with a sweep of some glittery eye shadow and luxurious lash extensions to top it all off! You’re sure to catch your Halloween Hottie with just a wink of your eye!




12317279265 050838259f zLibra 2015 Horoscope:

 In 2015, Uranus will strike the very foundations of your being, causing you to whip your home life, family and partners into shape! So it’s straight into the deep end at the beginning of the year. Jan 3 – Feb 15 will highlight the importance of following your own path without Libra compromise. It’s perfectly ok for you to break some eggs this year, Libra. You may have already been doing this anyway, but it may be this year that the scrambled yokes are finally gelling into something you can eat. From Jan 21 – Feb 11, is the first of a fabulous set of air Mercury retrogrades. What is so great about that you may ask? Well it actually means you get a triple dose of Mercury fluttering through your houses of love affairs, children and pleasure. This means that during those periods you should receive a lot of pleasant messages, invites and the opportunity to play, whether it is with actual children or grown up ones. This is also a great time for creativity too, especially writing. May 19 – Jun 11, you will have an urge to learn, to explore new horizons and maybe go back and study something that you dipped into briefly in the past. But, this time you want to take it more seriously and go deeper. Do something very Aries-like and bravely take that massive step that you’re too fearful to take. This is your chance to make a big breakthrough and the wisdom you acquire at this time could have the power to set you free. It is also a good time to clean house. Some people or situations might have really started to annoy you. Once you realise that these pests are just showing you what you don’t want, then at least you might start to get an idea of what you do want. Just proceed carefully with any new loves or affections. Don’t get carried away too quickly. Wait until Venus conjuncts Jupiter on Oct 26 before declaring undying love or looking at wedding dresses.


Beauty Horoscope:

If King Solomon were a Queen, he would have been a Libran woman. As a Libra, you embody fairness, justice, and balance. You are represented by the scales, ideally weighted, flawless and complete. Librans are sociable and have a gift for communication. Charismatic and captivating, you draw people to your side naturally and easily. 

Blessed with superb taste and a critical eye, you never find yourself in a fashion crisis, even if you do take a while to choose which outfit suits you best. You have chic tastes, but will dare to be different by dressing up a classical look with an unexpected accessory. A perfectionist, Libran women are always pulled together, not a stray hair out of place, the entire outfit balanced and subtle. Makeup is usually light and natural for you, with colors matched and coordinated. But, the Libra woman isn't as concerned with timeless quality as some of the other signs. You want something that will make you look good now, something that fits your lifestyle at the moment. This can be casual jeans and a halter top - the Libran woman loves a pair of well-fitting jeans - or you might even choose a ball gown if the mood is right! Whatever you wear, you don’t believe in over-accessorizing, but a great bag or pair of shoes will put you on top of the world! And you’ll look just as stunning casually dressed as you do all dressed up for a night on the town. The Libra woman never looks out of place!


Beauty advice? The Libran woman tends to have an amazing, fresh complexion and it’s often viewed as her best asset. Keep that skin rejuvenated and healthy by drinking plenty of water, exfoliating regularly- especially in the winter- and a light facial peel is recommended once a month to keep that skin firm, even-toned and dewy as a spring rose!



12317272825 f225a818ff zVirgo 2015 Horoscope:

 Virgos can look for some much-needed healing in 2015. In the second half of the year, you get something akin to a super-guru or mentor coming into your life and this will have a really powerful cleansing effect. You will also need to prepare for the Pisces Solar Eclipse in your 7th house. This could bring relationship breakthroughs or break-ups. The break-up can be averted if you pay attention to your health. You don’t want your partner to become your nurse. Feeling dependant will only make you feel guilty and it will also put pressure on an already strained relationship. Obviously, a serious illness can’t be helped and if you have a solid relationship you should have nothing to worry about, but a weak one is liable to flounder. The Grand Earth Trine, from April 20 – 26, will help you bounce back from any illnesses you may have encountered. This time will see increased activity in your physical body, pleasure and holiday zones. What this spells out to us is a wonderful reviving holiday, which really boosts your immune system for the rest of the year. This could either be a well-earned fun-filled family holiday or, if single, a solo trip that provides some wonderful sexual healing. The luckiest day of the year for you is Jul 1 when Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter and it falls in your 12th house. This has a very subtle effect, but could help materialize that important teacher we mentioned earlier. By the end of the year, all the small parts of the jigsaw will have been put together and everything you’ve gone through will suddenly make sense, which will lead to a greater sense of peace and understanding.


Beauty Horoscope:

As a Virgo woman, you hate to be found wearing crumpled shirts or with lint and cat hair on your favorite black coat. Minimalist, sophisticated, and cool, your fashion sense reflects your perfect personality. You prefer simple, clean lines which are tailored to fit well and to last more than one season. Conservative grey and practical navy blue are favored colors of this refined Virgo woman. Your attire is often practical, yet sophisticated and very appealing. The Virgo woman is extremely meticulous and that carries through to her appearance. She generally pays more attention to her appearance than she'd like to let on, and doesn't like to get caught with a bad hair day, or sloppy clothing. You also take time to freshen up before each activity. Anti-perspirant is like your credit card and you won't leave home without it. The idea of offending anyone with body odor is nightmarish for you! It's all about great grooming for the Virgo woman. But you tend to have sensitivities and allergies towards certain cosmetic ingredients, so you rigorously insist on quality control.


 Beauty advice? While you aren’t big on being pampered, you do love the idea of going to a spa for your birthday or other special occasions. If you want to spoil a Virgo, buy her a day of beauty and bliss, with a luxurious aesthetics package such as our ‘Cinderella packages. You can customize your experience with a combination of services sure to impress a hygiene-conscious lady. 



12317440593 060eab044b zLeo 2015 Horoscope:

 Lucky Leo! In 2015, Jupiter will be heading right into your money sector! This means that the extra pounds you may have gained on your physical body will magically appear in your bank account instead. Unlike some other signs, this year, you remain largely unaffected by the Cardinal challenges brought about by this year’s eclipses. Pluto continues to totally transform your daily routines. You might be forced to make changes in your schedules, but these changes will allow more time for you to study subjects that aid your spiritual growth. You may even find time to squeeze in a little holiday and some exotic holiday romance! From Jan 21- Feb 11, Mercury falls in your 7th house of marriage, so relationships will most likely experience Mercury’s little bumps. The 7th is also the house of open enemies, so don’t be surprised if you cross words with an old foe around this time. You might be called upon to decipher deception, but thankfully, you are out of the direct firing range of the eclipse, so you can see things with a cool head. May through June, is a fantastic time for making new friends and connecting with common interest groups. There might be some glitches in the arrangements, but these small hiccups could work in your favour. Mercury could mess up the usual group leaders travel arrangements so that someone else has to take over at the last minute and that could be you! This is your chance to shine and you may end up taking over the group permanently. The first sign of your forthcoming wealth should show itself by summer, with Mars in your cash house.  It will trine Pluto, the great treasurer, on Oct 16: This is known as the millionaire’s aspect by Uranian astrologers! Now of course, it’s not going to make every Leo a millionaire, but it does bode well for you if you’re the sort of Leo who has business savvy. You can make a lot of money if you’re an investor and it just gets better as Venus conjuncts in your cash zone. This could translate into a cash windfall or as a huge boost to you self-esteem!


Beauty Horoscope:

You can usually pick a Leo woman out of a crowd – you’re the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all! Ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, this feline sign adores attention and usually gets it. You are passionate, playful, and very lively!

When it comes to fashion, Leos love luxury. However, clothes and accessories must not only be expensive, but also exclusive. You love fabrics like silk, cashmere, perfectly tailored cuts and occasionally, if you can afford it, a luscious floor length gown dripping with diamonds! A Leo woman will never look common or vulgar because she has excellent taste. To you, style is important, and so are the finer things in life. And lucky Leos can carry off the most dramatic and extreme of fashion trends because of their innate confidence.


Beauty advice? You Leos are the fiery sex kittens of the zodiac and you have no shortage of admirers, so keep that body and face in top condition. Don’t let your mane overgrow. Book some laser hair removal or a Brazilian wax to keep those lady areas smooth and in jaw-dropping condition! 


12317554565 f6e3efc539 zCancer 2015 Horoscope:

 Cancers will breathe a sigh of relief in 2015. The good news is that the worst is over. The bad news: there will be quite a few after-shocks this year. The first is from Jan 3 – Feb 15. This could cause a crisis at work, which pulls you away from your home far more than you like. You could feel like you are at a cosmic crossroads, agonising over which way to turn. Your partner is heavily involved in this decision, if you are in a relationship, which is part of the dilemma. You may feel pressured by your partner to either be a homebody or to earn more at work. Listen to your gut feeling. It is speaking loud and clear. From April 20 -26, you are plugged into the collective consciousness. You’re on trend like never before! If you work in fashion or the arts, you might suddenly find your creations are right on the button and in high demand! Any investments made earlier in the year will bear fruit by summer, after Venus goes direct. Nov 8 – 14 points to your very important 10th house of career. For those that are in careers where they are not 100% happy, this is where Uranus might be agitating for you to quit. Maybe you are unable to commit to any offers or projects because you are on the verge of a complete change of direction. If on the other hand you are now in your dream job, Uranus could bring exciting offers and the big break you’ve been waiting for.


Beauty Horoscope:

As a Cancer woman, you’re ruled by the Moon and your moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. Because of this, you’d be hard pressed to spot a Cancer woman amongst the crowd. She is strong willed and persistent, but can sometimes be reserved, drawing away and into her own shell if disturbed or provoked. Cancer women tend to prefer traditional outfits with an emphasis on femininity and comfort. A typical Cancer woman will choose filmy organza over tight denim and loose silk over PVC leggings. It’s not that you’re conservative. You just like the touch of watery satin on your skin and you’ll often wear a luxurious, matching set of lingerie beneath that oh-so conventional outerwear. Pale blue and silvers are favored and these may be reflected in your clothing styles and home décor. Your makeup moods change with the cycles of the Moon as well. You might use every artifice available to change your look completely, or just go out bare-faced. With Cancers, nothing is set in stone.


Beauty advice? Not only are your moods effected by your environment, but your looks as well. Just like Mother Earth will erupt in volcanoes if she feels she is being abused, so it is with our material bodies. If you don’t manage the onslaught of emotions coming your way, especially the more negative ones, physical symptoms could arise, such as acne breakouts or even vomiting. Don’t worry though. A good cleansing facial for acne-prone skin will help clear up any awkward blemishes.



12317707034 faba30374a zGemini 2015 Horoscope:

 Gemini has the opportunity for some deep healing and karmic release in 2015. Remember though, sometimes the healing stage can be more painful than the initial wound. Don’t see those painful episodes as setbacks. It really is a sign that you’re getting better! Maybe you’re saying goodbye to a particularly toxic relationship that has been simmering in your life for far too long. Whatever it is, this is the year it needs to be addressed, once and for all. Be brave enough to finally cut the karmic cord to anything that doesn’t serve your growth and you might just open those rusty doors to your much longed for house of pleasure. The Solar Eclipse on Mar 20 falls in your 10th house of career and life calling. You could have a breakthrough with how others see your status in the world. Literally, it really could be your big break! The Apr 4 Lunar eclipse falls in your 5th house of love affairs, which will emphasise relationships. You’ll have to be decisive, one-way or the other. There is no middle ground this year, and if you do try and have your cake and eat it too, then the relationship in question could breakdown during this eclipse. Aug 8 throws you into the big wide world and out of the artists bunker or your lover’s bed. You might be clinging onto an artistic project far too tightly. Don’t strangle it with an iron grip, learn to let it go. This creation is more than ready for public unveiling. The last quarter of the year is pretty chill for you. In a way, this is a relief, because your brain has felt like it’s been on fire for most of the year. Now it’s time for your cerebellum to hibernate and recharge. This could be the perfect time for some soul searching. It could be something as simple as facing an addiction that is hidden, or a toxic relationship at home. Neptune will be in your 10th for a very long time, so every six months or so, Mars will make a hard angle to it and bring up the same issues. But, this action will bring opportunities to peel off yet another layer of toxins, to reveal a fresh, New Year and a new you!


Beauty Horoscope:

A Gemini is basically two women rolled into one. Some might argue this is far too much woman, but Geminis are simply who they are and they make no apologies for it. The timid, the weak and the timorous need not apply. Impossible to pigeon hole, you Geminis are changelings. One minute you’re demure and doting, the next, ruthlessly sarcastic. Playful and flirty, a Gemini woman tends to be noticed for her fun, quirky fashion sense. You love trends and the changing of the seasons, pioneering new looks and different styles, then tweaking them to be uniquely yours. When it comes to fashion and beauty, magazines and celeb websites are your source. What is the latest hot thing being worn now? Geminis always know, and you probably have two of them in your wardrobe. In fact, you usually need a walk-in closet to house all your outfits - one for each of your mercurial moods. Your taste in colors is subtle. You prefer light, airy materials like chiffon or fine cotton. A true bag lady, you love purses and totes, as well as any other arm candy like rings, bangles, and bracelets.


Beauty advice? Possessing a natural charm, Gemini women are well equipped to successfully take on any challenges in life. If you don’t like something, you will take steps to remedy it. If you have any small annoying hairs marring your perfect complexion, zap them with a round of electrolysis and they won’t be bothering you anymore!


12317636855 437b2276bb z 1Taurus 2015 Horoscope:

 Taurus has been out of the firing line of Uranus squaring Pluto, but close enough to feel the ripples in your 2015 horoscope. The time between Jan 21 – Feb 11 will be the most challenging for you. Mercury will go retrograde in your 10th house of career, which, in a positive sense, will give you the opportunity to work methodically and carefully. This is especially beneficial if you are conducting any in-depth research where you need to revise material from the past. Just don’t rush into any schemes like the proverbial bull in the china shop, as the risk of shattered glass is very high. The Mar 20 Solar Eclipse falls in your house of friends, so you may lose some, but you may make some new ones as well. Mar 17 –Apr 11 is an excellent time to socialise. Put yourself back on the dating scene! This is the ideal time to get out there and mingle. Spring should be the best time of the year for Taurus. Use this time to detox. You might have acquired a few toxic partnerships that you really could do without. So, this is your time to clear them out so that something new can be ushered in. By summertime, you will welcome many happy visitors and will have fun playing the bountiful host. You could also spend some time beautifying your home surroundings with some luxury items. Don’t worry about the cash your spending. Your finances should receive a boost at this time to help pay for your new plush furnishings. In Sept, spend some time on your hobbies and artistic pursuits, as this will put you back in touch with your own artistry. The last quarter will also see some dreamy contacts between the two slushy rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune. Everything has an ethereal glow. Are you in heaven? It’s easy to get carried away on the bubble of Venus/Neptune, but watch out Taurus, eventually the bubbles do burst.


Beauty Horoscope:

Watch out for a Taurus woman! She has a hot and fiery temper and will unleash it when pushed to the limits! But the Taurus temper is rarely seen, because you aim for balance in life. Taurus women are also generally sweet natured, with a liking for pretty little objects of affection such as a personal serenade or some exotic orchids. But, you’re also a bit of a label snob. You love the finest imported fabrics and only buy the highest quality clothes. Tailor-made suits are seen as an investment to you, because you understand that the perfect fit will never go out of style. Practical, classy, and tasteful, Taureans prefer embellished flats to silly stilettos, and impeccably cut pants to miniskirts. They love accessories that highlight their best features, often their graceful necks. They own necklaces and scarves by the dozens. Taurus women also have highly developed senses of touch, sight, and smell. You love the feel of a luxurious fabric, and most of all, you love the smell of new clothes! You love cosmetics too and have a passion for fragrances, though you tend to stick to your favorites.


 Beauty advice? Ruled by sensuous Venus, you were born to love, and to be loved. Lush and curvaceous, you’re used to turning heads, and you know how to make the most of your Venus-blessed assets. You’re artful at disguising your curves if needs be. You sneakily indulge in a little body shaping at the beauty clinic and who has to know? We won’t tell. 


2884866589 6138c8a354 mAries 2015 Horoscope:

 In 2015, Aries continues to pushon the cosmic battlefield. But help is at hand! Jupiter’s protective trine gives you the ability to bounce back with renewed vigour every time you hit a bump in the road. If you’ve been bashing away at obstacles and nothing has given, from Jan 3 – Feb 15, you have one more chance with that stick of dynamite. The Mercury retrograde will fall in your 11th house this year, which is your house of friends, so you might enjoy some pleasant reunions with folks you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s also a good opportunity to review your hopes and dreams. Make a list of the things you want to do, if you take some time off towards the end of the year. Valentine’s Day could reveal a surprise from a secret admirer, but be careful if you’re traveling to get to your date. Aries needs to take real care on the roads. Watch out speedaholics! Be particularly careful around March 20, when the Solar Eclipse falls in your 12th house, which is your house of hospitals. This would be a great time to take a holiday or some time off. If you happen to be single, you might meet someone on your trip who could change the whole course of your life. Or, you could lock yourself away in seclusion and write the novel that you’ve always wanted to write. Mercury will go retrograde from Sep 17 to Oct 9, and will fall in your house of marriage, so look for more relationship fun and games. This is the time you could frolic with an old flame, but watch out! This could be problematic if you’re already spoken for. Say ‘no’ to that oh-so-forbidden fruit and use your willpower to resist until this lurking flame is gone. You have one more tricky day on Dec 11, when Mars opposes Uranus. But, this is good. It will give you the opportunity to let whatever was bothering you go out with the proverbial bang. That way you can really make a fresh start in 2016!


Beauty Horoscope:

Eager and enthusiastic, you Aries are the ‘alpha female’ of the pack, always at the front of the queue and kick-starting everything from projects to dinner dates! A fearless and natural leader, you are charismatic, energetic, and dynamic. You look forward to new challenges and novel situations and you’re always raring to go! If you're an Arian woman, you're the first one to spot any new trends and the first to put your name on the waitlist for that latest Coach bag. The Ram is always ahead of the game, and you’re most definitely a fearless, feisty trendsetter. Anything goes, even the most daring of styles. Aries women love red, as befits a fire sign. Your wardrobe spills over with all sorts of shapes, silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. A little bling never hurts either and Aries women usually wear sparkling accessories to accentuate their look.

 Aries women can also do casual quite well. Sporty clothes appeal since your choice of wardrobe is neither flowery nor frilly. You’re all for trying something new, but it doesn’t always last, as you often lose interest quickly. You’re just not fond of any style that takes too long to maintain--fussing over details is not your forte. You love a good bargain though and going shopping on a sale day can sometimes feel like a hardened battle with Arian women. The Aries woman will get there first and bag the bargains before the other signs have time to think. Which makes sense, as you’re ruled by Mars, the God of War and Battles.


 Beauty advice? Because the Aries woman instinctively believes that good looks come from within, you watch your diet and exercise regularly. An Inch Loss Body Wrap could also be beneficial to all you figure-conscious Aries. It will trim any lumps and bumps on your mid-section, giving you that sleek, athletic look you so admire!


5310384677 e972b4460a zWell, we’ve reached the end of our Beauty Horoscope for 2015... May the upcoming year be filled with joy, laughter, some cathartic tears, as well as beauty and wellness, both inside and out!

Have a healthy, happy and beautiful New Year Fashionistas! We wish you the best in 2015! 

Happy New Year’s From the Élan Beauty Team!! 




Sources: (Images, from Top to Bottom: Remko van Dokkum via Flickr, zodiac images: Bibliothèque des Champs Libres via Flickr, Aries: zeevveez via Flickr, Rachel Titiriga  via Flickr)


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