Eyelash Extensions: The NovaLash Challenge*

  • Novalash Challenge

    * Carried out by NovaLash®

    Why have eyelash extensions done with Élan Beauty?

    Our secrets: Expertise, quality client service, and use of NovaLah Platinum Bond Adhesive

    NovaLash Challenge Purpose: A double-blind study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of NovaLash brand extra strength elastomeric adhesive (Platinum Bond) versus other extra strength cyonoacrylate lash adhesives.

    Challenge Method: 40 extra curly 0.2mm diameter NovaLash brand lash extensions were placed on the left side with Platinum Bond® adhesive. On the right, 40 of a leading competitor's extensions were applied using "extra strength" adhesive of Asian origin.

    Challenge Results: By week number 2, the competitor's side showed signs of adhesive breakdown and lash extension loss.

    NovaLash Challenge Conclusion: NovaLash brand Platinum Bond adhesive was shown to be 4 times as effective as the leading competitor in the following areas: strength,durability, pigmentation, texture, and curl

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