• At Elan, we gravitate towards immediate results. Therefore, we have chosen to incorporate our facials with a medical grade line, AlumierMD. Our skin care specialists have been lucky to have worked with this line. 

    Our facials have known to be result-oriented and clients love the fact that we do not use any esthetic products on them. With pigment controlled solutions and peptides we were able to deliver optimum results. 

    With that said, we have decided to list some of our best-sellers. Feel free to contact us for free consultations and we will be happy to assist you by changing the way your skin looks and feels. For a more detailed description of these products we invite you to look at AlumierMD website directly at .

    You may purchase these products at Elan Beauty or via the web from AlumierMD.  To purchase directly you will first need to register with AlumierMD through Elan Beauty.  This can be done by visiting the AlumierMD websites find a professional page .  In the referral field you will need to select Other then enter "Elan Beauty" where it says "please enter other referral?" as your referral.  AlumierMD will then provide you with your personal customer id and you will be able to purchase these products online.

    Please feel free to contact Elan Beauty with any questions you may have.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 604-676-0608